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Protect your pavement and repair cracks in the road with quality sealcoating and asphalt repair services you can count on. Offering the best sealcoating in the region, Jimini Paving in Shelton, WA can help maintain your pavement, whether it’s a driveway, parking lot, or road.

Cracks in the road can be damaging to vehicles. Our expert team will diagnose the situation and repair any pavement cracks you have, helping prevent vehicle damage or even accidents.

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Sealcoating Services - Shelton, WA

Sealcoating Services

Sealcoating is an excellent option for pavement maintenance as it provides a protective seal over asphalt. Our team offers exceptional sealcoating services that will make asphalt smooth, safe, and good as new.

Jimini Paving has the expertise and knowledge to address small, large, and hard-to-see cracks in the road. Whether you have a small crack you want to fill or multiple cracks that need sealcoating, we offer competitive pricing.

We want to ensure that any bumps or cracks are cleared quickly and efficiently, leaving you and your neighbors or customers with a smooth ride.

Asphalt Repair Services - Shelton, WA

Asphalt Repair Services

Jimini Paving is the #1 source for residential and commercial asphalt repair services in Shelton, WA. We combine the best quality materials with seamless workmanship to ensure a hassle-free and satisfying service experience for homeowners and businesses.

Timely asphalt repairs can prolong the useful lifespan of your pavement. If you delay attending to the wear and stress visible on the asphalt surface is sure to burden you prematurely with a repaving project. We recommend you call us as soon as you see signs of damage to your pavement


Driveway Repair


Parking Lot Repair


Private Road Repair


Commercial Footway Repair


Asphalt Patching


Pothole Repair


Asphalt Crack Filling


Asphalt Overlay


Residential & Commercial Paving Repairs

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