Your Commercial Paving Company in Washington

workers smoothing out asphaltPaving for commercial purposes takes experience, resources and a foresight for large project undertaking and management. The seasoned professionals at Jimini Paving are pleased to have a strong portfolio of commercial projects behind us and just as many satisfied commercial customers. If you’re looking for a commercial paving company in Washington, look no further than our team.

Parking lots

Parking lots take a tremendous amount of abuse, which means they need to be poured and paved to a superior degree of quality if they’re going to stand up to the wear and tear. We’re capable of paving lots big and small, with any number of features you might require. All of our work is done to spec and paved with the utmost care and attention, to ensure every square footage of your parking lot is ready for decades to come.

In addition to pouring a perfect parking lot, we also take pride in being able to plan for the future of that lot, including designing proper grading for water drainage and undertaking asphalt curbing where needed.

Private commercial roads

If you’re seeking a qualified pavement contractor in Washington who can assist in the pouring and paving of private commercial drives, Jimini Paving is here to assist you. We can pour private drives, access roads, utility driveways and a bevy of other paved areas designed for private commercial access. No matter the purpose or total scope of the project, trust that we can tackle, manage and complete your project to the highest standards.

For more information about any of the commercial services we’re pleased to offer you or to have your project assessed and a free estimate given, contact us today by calling 360-426-9918. We’re ready to showcase our commercial expertise no matter your project size or industry affiliation!