Things Every Asphalt Paving Estimate Should Include

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There’s more to excellent pavement work than just smearing on a fresh layer of asphalt. Proper paving takes preparation and deliberation. Those aspects begin with the estimate. Unfortunately, not every asphalt contractor approaches the job with years of experience and a sense of dedication.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a professional contractor to figure out the difference between a bad or good asphalt paving estimate in Washington. You just have to follow these simple tips.

On-site estimates

If an asphalt contractor begins to offer an estimate over the phone, you should probably hang up right away. A reputable contractor will travel to your site and thoroughly inspect all of the issues before offering you an estimate for their work. After all, how can a contractor know the extent of the damage if he or she hasn’t seen it for themselves?

Communication is paramount

Asphalt paving is a more involved process than you might expect. As the process of installation or maintenance is ongoing, it’s only natural that you’ll have several questions. Look for a contractor who will answer questions patiently and even anticipate your questions before you ask them.

Understand the reason for your maintenance

As your potential contractor is presenting their asphalt paving estimate in Washington, they should readily explain the purpose behind each line item on the estimate. That includes a clear-cut reason for the proposed repairs.

Asphalt repairs may require specialized knowledge, but the reason to implement them shouldn’t be complicated. Beware of vague answers and doublespeak.

Listen for terms

In explaining the issues and solutions facing your parking lot or driveway, listen for terms like “grading” and “drainage.” You may not initially understand them, but if your contractor is dropping them in casual conversation, it’s a good bet that he or she does. And that’s important.

A clear timeframe

It’s understandable if you’re not intimately familiar with the ins and outs of asphalt work. At the very least, your contractor should understand this and then compensate for it by explaining the process to you: how long it will take, how disruptive it may be and what your specific needs are in regards to the project.

Check those references

No matter how small the paving job you’re hoping to complete, you should never hire a contractor without checking several of their references. A lot of potential contractors talk a good game, but when the time comes to deliver on their promises, the client is left high and dry. Double-checking references can save you more time and hassle than you realize.

Don’t take chances—get professional help

There’s no point in rolling the dice on the quality of your asphalt work. Call on the pros at Jimini Paving. For more than 25 years, our high-quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service have established us as one of the most respected and trustworthy asphalt contractors in the Evergreen State. For an honest, intelligent asphalt paving estimate in Washington, you can’t do better than Jimini Paving.

Residential and commercial customers alike sing the praises of our parking lot and driveway work. When you need the best, enlist our team. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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