First Time Getting a Driveway Repaved? Here’s What to Expect

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Most homes and many businesses have a driveway that makes parking vehicles easier. The standard driveway is made of asphalt, a durable and long-lasting material. However, there may come a time when this surface has broken down and needs to be replaced. If you’ve seen repeated cracking, fading and holes appearing, then it’s time to start thinking about driveway replacement.

Luckily, replacing a driveway offers incredible return on investment. Just think about it: What do people see when they drive up to your home or business? Most driveways are long and conspicuous, and people create an impression of the property almost instantly. If the driveway is cracked and appears damaged, they’ll likely think the same thing about the home or business associated with it. Repaving your driveway adds instant curb appeal.

If you’ve never hired a contractor for paving a driveway in Washington, then you may be wondering what the process involves. Read on to find out more about what to expect when you have your driveway replaced:

  • Demolition: The first step in the process is demolishing the existing driveway. This will often include jackhammer work, which can be very noisy. Once the driveway has been dug up, then the debris will be cleared away. This part of the process is the loudest and most disruptive, but it is necessary.
  • Asphalt: Before the asphalt can be laid, a layer of pavers will be placed at the bottom. This acts as a foundation for the asphalt by evening out the ground. As the work nears completion, it’s important to ensure that the driveway sits properly against anything it borders, such as garage floors and walkways. Workers will align the asphalt, then flatten the pavement with a rolling machine.
  • Following completion: After this, the workers will clean the area surrounding the driveway. The asphalt will need to sit for one to three days, meaning you can’t use your driveway during this time. You will want to arrange to park elsewhere while asphalt repaving is being done.
  • Maintenance: In the years to come, it’s important to keep your driveway looking beautiful. You can do this by regularly cleaning it down with a hose and taking care of minor problems before they become major ones. Some of this you can do on your own, but having a professional inspect the driveway and handle any repairs is always a smart call.

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