Residential Road and Driveway Paving in Washington

workers paving the roadChoosing a driveway paving company in Washington to refinish your drive or lay the foundation for a new one comes down to experience. At Jimini Paving, we offer the experience to get your driveway poured quickly, to an unparalleled degree of workmanship, at a cost that’s affordable. There’s no one better in the business!

In addition to driveway paving, we’re also your foremost resource for residential road paving. Whether it’s a private access drive or an entire thoroughfare through a new subdivision, we’re happy to tackle the job, no matter the size.

New asphalt driveways

From brand new homes that require a perfectly paved driveway, to the re-paving of your oft-used drive, we’re here to provide you with comprehensive driveway paving in Washington. Having a perfectly paved driveway means more than just a beautiful place to park your car—it also means higher property values, safer surfaces and proper grading for your land.

We can pave any sized drive and take pride in being able to work within your specifications to ensure your driveway meshes beautifully with your landscape and your home.

Private residential roads

If you require new residential road paving, trust that the professionals at Jimini Paving are here to help. We take pride in laying down asphalt that’s finished to a superior degree of excellence, setting the tone for beautiful looking roads that are as smooth to drive on as they are to look at. We have a depth of experience in working on residential roadways of all sizes and for a bevy of purposes, giving us the insight needed to tackle your job thoroughly and effectively.

For more information about any of the services we’re able to offer you in a residential capacity or to inquire about a quote for your specific job, please give us a call today at 360-426-9918.