Asphalt and Pavement Repair in Washington

man smoothing out asphaltIs your existing asphalt or paving looking a little worse for the wear after years of weathering and abuse? It might not need to be completely re-paved—instead, some strategic repairs, performed by a professional could be all that’s required to restore the durability and aesthetic of your pavement.

For the very best in pavement repair in Washington, contact the Jimini Paving team! We’re highly adept at providing repairs of all degrees to existing paving that has been compromised. Our approach is thorough and extensive, to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth out of the decision to patch instead of re-pave.

First and foremost, we’ll survey your existing surfaces to pinpoint areas of concern and to gauge the overall scope of work. Based on the type of damage and the extent of repairs, we’ll provide you with a fair and honest quote and, once accepted, we’ll quickly get to work to facilitate seamless, lasting asphalt repair in Washington!

Damages we fix

Due to weathering, stress, settling earth or any number of other variables, there are numerous different types of damages that could befall your pavement or asphalt over time. We’re on hand to repair cracks, potholes and more via patching. If damages are extensive enough or compromise a nearby slab, we can also work with you to replace individual slabs.

No matter what the extent of the damage to your existing paving, know that Jimini Paving will take a complete approach to fixing it. If the damage is too extensive, we can also advise you on a more cost-effective replacement approach as well. Either way, our mission is to ensure your pavement and asphalt are serving you to the highest standards of excellence by the time we’re done.
For information about asphalt or pavement repair in Washington, contact our professionals today by calling 360-426-9918.