Why Asphalt Paving Should Be Smooth

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If you’ve ever driven on a bumpy road, the importance of smooth asphalt may seem fairly obvious to you. However, you might be surprised at some of the benefits of smooth asphalt paving in Washington. As you consider various methods of paving and care for asphalt surfaces, keep the following facts in mind:

  • Fuel efficiency: Did you know smooth asphalt can improve fuel consumption? Research has revealed that rough pavement requires up to five percent more fuel than driving on smooth surfaces. This may seem minimal, but when you consider how many vehicles travel over some roads each day, this can really add up over time.
  • Ride quality: This is one you’re probably more familiar with on a personal level. A smoother surface produces a smoother ride. If the road is uninviting, people are less likely to travel it. This can be detrimental to businesses located on a bumpy road or that feature a rough parking lot.
  • Safety: Rough surfaces and large potholes make driving more difficult. Accidents and vehicle damage are more likely to occur than they are on smooth asphalt in Washington. To reduce the risk of incidents, always maintain smooth asphalt paving.
  • Pavement longevity: As cars and trucks bounce along on asphalt that is not smooth, they are actually causing more damage to the surface. All that bumping furthers the deterioration of the surface. To reduce costs and extend the lifespan of the surface, it is essential to maintain smooth asphalt in Washington.

More benefits of smooth asphalt in Washington

Smooth asphalt offers three additional benefits to those who choose asphalt for their paving solution:

  • It’s green: Did you know that asphalt is 100 percent recyclable? Once recycled, it’s even stronger than the original product. For those searching for an environmentally friendly paving solution, smooth asphalt paving in Washington is a great choice.
  • It’s safe: Compared to other paving options, smooth asphalt in Washington provides more resistance to skidding. It also offers clearer visuals for markings and reduces the amount of splash back. In the winter, ice and snow melt faster on asphalt, which reduces the risk of accidents.
  • It’s economical: An asphalt project can be completed quickly and affordably. This minimizes disruptions and makes the project budget friendly. Smooth asphalt in Washington also offers a long lifespan and minimal maintenance, making it a good investment.

How to create smooth asphalt in Washington

Of course, to reap these many benefits of smooth asphalt in Washington, one has to ensure that it is properly installed. An experienced contractor will take the necessary steps to properly install the pavement. This starts with prepping the surface, then constructing the aggregate, compacting and finishing the project with appropriate sealcoating.

Work with the pros

For top-quality smooth asphalt in Washington, consult with the team at Jimini Paving. We are your full-service contractor, specializing in asphalt cutting, repairs, sealcoating, patchwork and all forms of road and parking lot maintenance. We’ve been the area’s go-to source for residential and commercial paving services since 1985. Our experts are committed to providing the very best service at a budget-friendly price. Contact us today!

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