Summer Is the Best Time for Asphalt Paving Projects

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If you have an asphalt paving project that needs to get done, there’s no better time than now. Summertime is the best season for asphalt paving in Washington—the process is best conducted during warm weather when there’s no chance of precipitation. Whether you need to redo a driveway or install an entire parking lot, the warm temperatures and extended sunlight allow your asphalt to cure faster. In fact, if you have a project to complete, it’s best to call a paving contractor right away—they tend to book up quickly during the warmer months.

Here’s why it’s smart to install or redo your asphalt paving in the summer:

  • Warm weather is key: Conducting your asphalt paving in the Washington summer allows it the heat and sunlight it needs to cure properly. In winter, the lack of sunlight and heat, along with the copious precipitation, make it difficult for the asphalt to cure properly—this can also affect the warranty from your paving contractor. In the summer, your asphalt paving will cure faster and more thoroughly than you might experience in the autumn or winter, guaranteeing a stronger paved surface and the ability to drive on it sooner.
  • More daylight hours: Summer’s extended daylight hours make it possible to do more work in the span of one day, reducing the overall time it will take to complete your paving project. That helps you get back to business faster, whether you’re a business owner hoping to keep customers coming in the door, or you’re a residential customer just looking forward to driving on a smooth driveway once more.
  • Warmer overnight temperatures: When temperatures fluctuate overnight, it can affect the way your asphalt cures. In the summer, the ambient air temperature is less likely to dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which can affect the curing process. It also reduces the amount of heat-related expansion and contraction involved, which can cause uneven surfaces.
  • Cost effective: Finally, summertime asphalt paving means that contractors can pack more jobs into one day, which passes the savings on to the customer—you’re far more likely to be able to negotiate price when business is booming, as opposed to during the slower autumn and winter season.

All things considered, you’re far better off completing your paving projects in the summer when you live in Washington. It’s better for the overall condition of the asphalt, the job can be completed faster and it will take significantly less time to cure. You’re also more likely to get a complete warranty on the service, and should be able to negotiate a price reduction since business tends to be better during the warmer months.

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