How to Extend the Life of an Asphalt Parking Lot

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Installing an asphalt parking lot is a significant investment for your business, so it only makes sense that you’d want to do everything you can to protect that investment for years to come. By keeping your asphalt in good condition, you’ll significantly improve its lifespan. While you will need to keep on top of some general maintenance, and while all asphalt does have an expiration date, you can get many years out of your parking lot as long as you keep up with some of the following aspects of preventative parking lot maintenance in Washington:

  • Sealcoating: This is one of the more significant elements of maintenance you’ll need to stay on top of over the years. Parking lots are exposed to a lot of elements, including sunshine, rain, snow, ice and much more. If you leave the asphalt untreated, it will wear down much faster. Sealcoating gives some extra protection to your asphalt surfaces by sealing in the oils of the asphalt mix and preventing the elements from getting into the material. Sealcoating can be a DIY job, but for larger jobs you should hire a professional to make sure it gets done correctly.
  • Sweeping: Sweeping removes some of the sand and debris that builds up on the surface of the asphalt. If you do not remove this debris, it will begin to act as an abrasive substance, wearing down the surface of the pavement and its sealcoat and ultimately allowing water to get into the pavement and cause some significant damage over time.
  • Sealing cracks: Cracks are unavoidable in asphalt paving in Washington. As your asphalt ages, those cracks will start to form. It is important that you address those cracks before you begin performing any surface treatments like sealcoating. Sealing up cracks that are a quarter of an inch or wider is necessary to prevent water from getting inside. If you have “alligator” or fatigue cracks, then you’re going to need to cut those sections out, remove them and replace them with brand-new asphalt. But those smaller cracks can be patched and sealed up relatively easily.
  • Other repairs: Other types of repairs are important when base failure becomes a potential issue. Here again, if base failure is an issue, the most effective method of repairing the area is going to be to cut the damaged section out and replace it. You’ll need to get a hot mix asphalt, rake it into the area and properly compact it before you will be able to seal it up and continue using it as normal.
  • Striping: This isn’t exactly a tip for maintaining the asphalt itself, but it’s a good idea to keep your paint fresh on top of the asphalt to preserve its appearance and to make sure people know where they can park.

For more information about our various types of asphalt paving and parking lot maintenance services in Washington, we encourage you to contact Jimini Paving today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have for our team.

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