Protecting Your Parking Lot from Moisture

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Concrete and asphalt are both very durable materials—there’s a reason why paving contractors in Washington use them for parking lots and driveways. However, there is a weakness to be aware of and it’s one you may not have thought too much about: moisture. You’ll want to take steps to protect your driveway or parking lot from moisture. If you don’t, you could see cracks start to form, causing durability issues and costing you money for repairs or replacements.

Draining the area

This is one way to make sure moisture can’t accumulate on your asphalt or concrete. Without proper drainage, you’ll probably start seeing damage. This is especially true after heavy rain. If there are large puddles of water after a storm, you’ll want to look into drainage solutions for your parking lot. Those puddles of standing water will slowly break through the protective top layer of the parking lot and damage it. When this happens, the pavement will go from a solid surface to one with more gravelly texture. This also allows more water damage to occur, creating a snowball effect. A paving contractor in Washington can help you create a good drainage system that helps the rainwater drain away from the area.

Coating the parking lot

Another preventative measure is to use sealcoating to create a protective barrier. The barrier will rest on top of the parking lot to keep moisture from soaking into the pavement. Sealcoating can also help protect it from UV rays from the sun and oil from cars. A paving contractor in Washington will put down a sealcoat when they first build the parking lot. The sealcoating process should be repeated once every two to four years. Not doing so will cause the damage from sunlight, oils and water to increase once the sealcoating wears off. If you don’t know if you need sealcoating, you can contact a paving contractor in Washington to check and help you figure out whether you need this service.

Quick repairing

As mentioned before, any damage that’s done to the parking lot can quickly snowball. Any cracks or imperfections should be checked and likely repaired as quickly as possible. Even with proper drainage and recent sealcoating, cracks or imperfections can still lead to moisture damage. This moisture damage can spiral out of control, creating more and more problems for your parking lot. This can cost you a lot of money when you need to contact a paving contractor in Washington to help repair the bigger problem. Preventing the damage in the first place and fixing it as soon as it pops up are the two best ways to protect your parking lot.

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