Winter Maintenance: Parking Lot Edition

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When asphalt pavement is installed professionally and cared for properly, it can last for decades and stand up to a wide variety of weather conditions. Unfortunately, wintertime can be rough on asphalt pavement. Freezing temperatures, excessive precipitation and ice accumulation can all be harsh on your pavement, and it’s important to protect it with proper maintenance to avoid the need for major asphalt repair in Washington later on. Read on for some useful maintenance tips that you can put into practice this winter.

Anti-icing vs. deicing

When it comes to protecting your pavement against ice and snow, there are two basic strategies that you can use: anti-icing and deicing. Anti-icing is a method that’s used to prevent ice from accumulating in the first place. This method is usually employed when the forecast calls for freezing temperatures and ice accumulation is likely. Deicing is a method that’s used to remove ice after it’s already accumulated on the pavement. Anti-icing allows you to save money on deicing materials and prevent ice accumulation with less product than you would need to remove ice after the fact. Deicing, meanwhile, is a good method to use if ice accumulates unexpectedly or if you don’t have anti-icing substances and tools on-hand.

Regardless of which method you use this winter, it’s a good idea to handle asphalt maintenance in Washington to repair any existing weaknesses in your pavement and to prevent further damage from snow and ice during the winter months.

Anti-icing tips

Anti-icing liquid is designed to create a barrier between your pavement and the snow and ice on the surface. This substance prevents ice and snow from sticking to your pavement, which keeps your asphalt ice-free even in extreme cold weather conditions. After you apply anti-icing liquid, it can remain effective at keeping your pavement ice-free for several days. Since anti-icing is a preventative measure for your asphalt pavement, it’s important to apply this method when the weather forecast indicates that there’s a risk of ice accumulation. You should base your anti-icing frequency on the weather patterns rather than a set application schedule.

Deicing tips

Deicing is designed to remove ice and snow that has already formed and bonded to your asphalt pavement. To successfully deice your property, you will use a standard asphalt deicing product, typically one that’s salt- and sand-based. Before you apply this solution, you will usually wet the pavement to begin to break down the ice so that the deicer can more effectively melt the frozen accumulation. Because deicing products typically have high salt content, it’s important to use them sparingly. Using excessive deicers can cause harmful salty runoff that pollutes local waterways and natural areas.

Schedule asphalt repair in Washington

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